Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication services involve cutting and bending metal to create a specific product. Many fabricated products are designed to achieve a standard size or appearance, but not every project can make use of these standardized materials. Our custom metal fabrication team uses a combination of the right tools and expertise to create individual solutions for our customers.

From engineered drawings to fabrication and installation, we use state-of-the-art equipment and an eye for detail to create striking, unique pieces for a variety of uses. Our skilled crew can execute anything from specialty steel to aluminum fabrication services. We also have the talent to fabricate architectural products that need to look as good as they are sound pieces. We utilize a range of specialized equipment in our custom fabrication shop to meet the needs of our customers who do not always need standardized results from their projects involving stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and carbon steel.

Benefits of Fabrication

When craftsmanship matters more than a quick, one size fits all solution, our custom metal fabrication services deliver products that meet exacting needs, specifications, and aesthetics. One important benefit of custom fabrication is that the product has been created specifically for your application. That means it’s designed to stand up to the conditions it will be in and enjoy a longer useful life. Plus, if you need a product that will work well with any existing structures, you’ll know you’re getting absolute compatibility with a custom design.

Many of our custom fabrication products are made to serve a functional purpose, but we still think that a well-made piece should also look good, too. Beyond the aesthetics, you want to know you’re getting exactly what you ordered. Our fabricators are the best of the best, and we use a combination of traditional methods and modern technologies such as AutoCAD and plasma and water jet cutting to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers with every job.

Our Creation Process

The best way to make sure our customers get exactly what they want is to listen to what they need! We always take the time to understand what your finished product needs to achieve, and every fabrication service starts with a free consultation. We begin by selecting the right materials for your product, including whether you’ll need structural or sheet metal. We also make sure to consider any existing structures and review specialized needs before creating a design and cost estimate for your project.

We never want any customer to feel pressured to move forward with a job and we encourage everyone to take as much time as they need during this phase of the process. Only when you are completely satisfied with the design and the cost of your metal fabrication services, we will submit permit applications and order materials. Once the permit and materials are in, we will begin the installation.

Metal Cutting

From straight cuts using saws to complex curves using lasers or plasma, we use computer-guided tools for precision cuts of metals of every size, shape, and type.


Once cuts are made, the metal is machine-shaped using press braking and rolling to create the desired shape from metals of virtually any thickness or size.


Once all the pieces have been cut and formed, assembly and joining begins, typically by welding the parts together to create the final product.

Certified Welding & Fabrication You Can Trust!

Our metal fabrication services include industrial welding, custom commercial installations, mobile welder services, and more. However, we only have one goal: to exceed your expectations with every project. To get started with your free, no-obligation estimate, contact us today.

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